Emergency power systems

Heinkel manufactures emergency power systems in the power range from 10 kVA to 3,500 kVA per machine unit. The product range comprises low voltage as well as medium voltage systems. In the case of higher power requirements multiple systems are used, which can also be set up redundantly, if required. Heinkel supplies emergency power systems for stationary installation, likewise as transportable resp. mobile solutions. When selecting machine components (diesel motors, generators) high quality products from renowned manufacturers are used. As a manufacturer independent of brands, Heinkel is in a position to ideally adapt the design of the emergency power systems to suit the customers’ needs.

Along with the aggregates themselves, the scope of services also includes all peripheral systems.

This includes cooling systems, tank systems, exhaust gas and ventilation systems as well as control and power switch installations. These ancillary systems are also tailor- made corresponding to the existing requirements.

Depending on customer requirements, Heinkel equips its own emergency power systems with environmentally friendly soot filter systems.

The emergency power systems are manufactured in the Heinkel plant in Berlin. The systems are checked on the company’s own test bench. This test bench is the largest and most modern in Germany

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