Quality management

Customer satisfaction is decisively determined by the quality of the supplied products. Therefore quality assurance is the cornerstone of our high quality products.
Our quality management system, developed over decades, enables us to ensure the high quality of our work and products.

Heinkel overseers carry out quality controls in each production process during the manufacturing. All machines are subjected to comprehensive tests and test runs in the test field. Along with the function and monitoring test a control of the contractually stipulated scope of supply is also performed. All high quality inspections demanded by the customers proceed with hardly any objections.

Since 1995 all Heinkel generators have the prescribed CE-labelling and a conformity declaration according to EU machine guidelines. Heinkel generators are constructed according to DIN VDE 100-710 resp. 100-718 as well as ISO 8528.

Generators without a standard specification and documentation may no longer be operated in the area of the European Union; in the meantime this regulation also applies worldwide.

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